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Monday, July 31, 2006 |
The Mystery of Money

For a guy that refuses to spend money, that agonizes over $3 decisions, I go through a hell of a lot of cash. I wonder where it goes all the time, for I certainly am living the exciting life of nothing, and my kingdom is sparsly populated with items of any material value. I don't do fancy dinners, or even decent dinners at all, unless you count the 2 hotdog and drink special at Papaya Dog. It comes, and goes just as quickly, while I wander the streets of the city alone, peering into restaurants and bars, wondering how those seemingly happy people can afford such excess. I can barely afford to live my exciting life of work and sleep. How much longer will it be before I can be one of those seemingly happy people? Is it if I hit the seemingly impossible $50k mark? And yet, if I read the numbers right, I'm still doing better then 70% of everybody else on planet Earth. Can I even complain when I'm suffering from being too fat for my pants?

Am I poor because I am, or is it just a matter of my attitude?

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