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Sunday, September 10, 2006 |
Hello Goodbye - Exchanging the Sigma 28mm f1.8

They were a little suprised at B&H when I came in to exchange my lens. I guess the guy had just come to expect that people would prefer to return it. It's a reasonable assumption, I suppose, for it is not a very popular lens when I do a tag search in flickr. Nobody seemed suprised that I had problems with backfocusing in the mid range (10-15 ft), and I notice that furious notes were taken in the computer.

I am a little suprised that this is the second time in two purchases that I've had to exchange product with B&H. I realize lenses, especially Sigma lenses, are each an individual beast with their own quirks, but I expected that buying from B&H meant not having to do this dance ... again.

To their credit, however, it was another completely painless exchange. Took less then 10 minutes, and I've got another brand new lens to play with. I too was suprised that I stuck with the 28mm, instead of going for the universally praised 30mm. But when I think about it, it is the perfect lens for me. I like things a little wider than more people. i simply LOVE the macro ability, for it makes my food shots pop so much more now. And I can live without the single stop difference that the f1.4 would give me. Plus, the fact that I am a cheap bastard.

So some more test shots for me tonight, and then tomorrow. Well, tomorrow is tomorrow, isn't it.

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