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Thursday, September 07, 2006 |
The Problem With Minjung

The problem with Minjung is that I know nothing and too much all at once. Specifically, I know that she wanted one of my unauthorized flickr schwag buttons, but I don't know her address to send it to.

What I have is an old work address to the job she left nearly 8 months ago. I have a very old home address from four years ago (nothing says "mailing list" more then getting an invitation to help move someone to their new place ... on the other side of the country). And I have a month-old invitation to checkout the current job, (I also have an invitation to join, which supposedly keeps all this contact management updated automagically, but I'm not down with that crap.)

So, rather then email her directly for the addy (because, you see, we have minor history), I figure I'll be clever and send it to her at work. Only, doesn't have a mailing addresses listed anywhere on their site.

This is a pet peeve of mine. I desire a mailing address for every company I deal with, if nothing else then to reassure myself that this isn't some Nigeria scam. I simply cannot stand it when a company refuses to give a physical address, if nothing else then because it makes mailing something to them (like a complaint) impossible.

15 wasted minutes of my life later, I find an address for press release information to be addressed to, along with a name, and phone number. I don't know if this is a PR firm, the company, or some guy in a garage, but it's what I got. Of course, the guy never answers his phone, so I can't confirm anything, but at this point I stopped caring half an hour previous, so I just mail the damned thing off to the address.

Last night I'm getting a little bored because I'm waiting for a process to run, so I checkout minjung's blog, because hasn't updated in forever, and what do I find?

She's now, apparently, working for

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