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Tuesday, November 14, 2006 |
Let The Spending Season Begin

The summer months are usually a time to store the harvest of my hard labors, as are the first few months of autumn. For as soon as we enter the November, so begins Spending Season, where all the big bills come due.

The official start of Spending Season is not, as one would expect, Black Friday, but in fact the day my insurance bill comes due. I save a few bucks by paying annually, but it also means that one of my paychecks automagically disappears before it's even deposited. From there it's all downhill.

This year promises to be a big season, as it has come time to replace a few items I've been putting off for a few years now. With my jean jacket finally retired (it's still wearable, if a bit dated, but I am preserving it as it is my last physical connection with my now passed-away aunt), and sweaters not cutting it, a new fall/spring jacket is being demanded. I lust for the LL Bean barn coat, but I also have my eye on this nice moleskin blazer from UniQlo. I think I might get both.

Next up on the paycheck killer is the 401(k). I just found out I can contribute to a Roth 401(k). Who needs to eat now when there's so much eating to be had in the future?

And lastly, but not leastly, is iPod shuffle. My current solution is just too bulky, and it only holds 125mb worth of songs. Granted, it's the only 20 songs in my collection I like, but the battery life is really getting pounded nowadays. I've resisted the urge to get one for so long, but I cannot hold out much longer. In fact, I'm planning on caving tonight, depending on how late the Apple Store is open. It's so damn small!

So there you have it, $140 out the door in the next 2 hours (I'm thinking of getting the moleskin jacket, the store is just down the block from the apple store), and I haven't even begun budgeting for the gift giving season yet.

Perhaps McDonalds gift cards for everyone?

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